“The organization is operated for the charitable and educational purposes of supporting students staff, and teachers at Antioch Upper Grade School. AUGS Warrior Boosters will provide supplemental financial resources to all students and staff through fundraising; promote involvement of parents through volunteer opportunities; and encourage school spirit through all school social activities and family events.”

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Executive Board


Melissa Seiler

My name is Melissa Seiler, I am the parent of an 8th grader at AUGS. As your Boosters President, I look forward to positively impacting the lives of our children, friends, family, and community. Over the years, and since my son was in preschool, I've enjoyed being a part of his educational journey.  By supporting staff and students, my goal is to create connections and make memories together.

Vice President

Candice Eagon

Greetings! I'm Candice Eagon, a parent of a 7th grader and a Sped Assistant Education Teacher at AUGS. Currently serving as Boosters Vice President, my goal is to create positive connections and lasting memories for our children, friends, family, and community. With a passion for supporting staff and students, I'm excited to make a meaningful impact together. Let's embark on this educational journey, building a strong community and fostering growth and connection.


Raegan Dusek

I am a solo parent to an 8th and 6th grader at AUGS, and I have a junior at ACHS as well. Our community has done a lot for our family and I'm proud to have the opportunity to give back. I want to continue to build a strong connection between the school and its' families and I love the fun activities the boosters has provided!


Vanessa Maldonado

Hello. My name is Vanessa Maldonado and I am the parent of a 7th grader. I am looking forward to working with the community this year to ensure our kids and AUGS staff have a memorable 2023-2024 school year. My goal is to provide fun options for our kids and ensure the staff feel valued

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